Developed for unofficial purposes, a simplified technical version has no legal effect against third parties in legal proceedings and cannot be used in public offices. Just as carefully elaborated as certified ones, a technical translation may be applied to any type of document, file or layout. It includes aspects and specific terms pertaining to several areas. In Brazil, a simplified/technical version is every text originally in Portuguese (PT-BR), targeting any other foreign language. After the version phase, the document goes through preparation and editing process following the layout of the original document.
A certified version is an official document that has been given full faith and credit, i.e., it contains the signature of the sworn translator, a professional holding the seal granted by the Government, enabled by public examination and registered with the Commercial Registry. It also affects third parties in legal proceedings, and may be used in government offices, which means that such translation has the same value and is always faithful to the original document in a foreign language. This translation is printed on the translator’s official letterhead sheet, valid nationwide.
Performed for medium- and large-sized events, simultaneous interpreting is a process in which the interpreter translates a speech given in one language into another, in real time. The interpreter is able to translate the speech using specific equipment (headphones and receptors), and viewers can hear in the language of their choice, without disrupting the lecturer’s speech. Focus Traduções works with experienced interpreters, providing reliable and accurate services in order for your event to go exactly as planned.
Focus Traduções is concerned with the visual presentation of the files and, therefore, we have a department specialized in electronic preparation and editing in order to provide our clients with not only an elaborate and accurate translation, but also the same layout and format. This service only applies to simplified technical translations, because it is possible to recreate the original document, both in content and in appearance. In addition to carrying out this service, we rely on software that provide excellent editing and guarantee the quality of our services.